Find out why in Tenerife it is spring all year

The island of Tenerife is known as the Island of Eternal Spring, because it is in the transition from the temperate and subtropical areas. It is a first class tourist destination worldwide, in addition to its climate, its beaches, its biodiversity, its gastronomy and its people.
There is a great contrast of climate in the north and south of the island. In the winter months it is possible to be with the clear sky and a blazing sun in the south while in the north the Teide is snowy and cold. Every year it snows in the area of Las Canadas, some two thousand meters. It’s amazing to be taking a dip at the beach while contemplating snow in the distance. Prepare a suitcase with clothing beach to enjoy the beaches and warm clothes to visit the Teide National Park.

Few places in the world have such a pleasant temperature throughout the year. In this way, you ensure that your holiday will in good time and help you leave all taking a dip in a nearly deserted beach.

The average temperature in Tenerife is 20 degrees. Summer temperatures range from 24 to 25 degrees, and in winter between 17 and 18 degrees. There are no seasons of extreme cold or sweltering heat.

These high temperatures of the island of Tenerife due to its proximity to the Tropic of Cancer and the Sahara Desert, but are softened by the influence of the Atlantic Ocean and the trade winds. Besides the topography of the island and the cold ocean current of the Canaries, make the waters off the coasts and beaches to enjoy all year from a great bath temperatures. Many say that Tenerife is one of the best places in the world to live by the virtues of its climate.

These climatic factors make the island has a very varied flora, with lush forests, fields full of poinsettia and huge valleys with plantations of bananas and tomatoes. It is an island full of natural beauty, long beaches with warm waters and year-round sunshine.
Hotels Kn their hotels located in the best locations in southern Tenerife to exploit the area with the best weather on the island. In the south it is a dry and sunny weather, while in the north is more humid and rainy days abound. In our hotels we assure springtime temperatures all year round, with sunny days, warm winds and activities for everyone.


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