Tenerife Spain what does it make unique in Europe?

You wouldn´t believe why Tenerife in Spain has a unique climate in Europe

In the Canary Islands, the different altitude and relief it means that there are a number of microclimates surprising, since there is not much distance between them. In coastal environments, for example, the proximity to the sea make the humidity and thermal stability are a great contrast to those that occur in the higher elevations, which are usually higher.

Tenerife is said to be spring all year or is the island of eternal spring. And this is true, because it has an average temperature of about 22-23 ° C and that is one of the areas of the European continent with the most hours of sunshine a year. Tourists, mostly Europeans, visit throughout the year looking for the goodness of its climate.

The microclimate of Tenerife is characterized by sudden changes in temperature and humidity depending on the altitude. And it is quite curious, because it is not a very big island. The distance between the beach with summer weather and mountain snowed is small. The reasons for such extreme differences is intense terrain and high altitude there at some point. Tenerife has the highest mountain of Spain: El Teide, in the National Park Las Cañadas de El Teide.

There are three very different types of ecosystems in the island summits which are higher and temperatures cooler areas; mediocrities, with average height and temperatures milder but still cool; and coastal areas, with very good weather and temperatures generally warmer.

The contrasts of the Island

This diversity of climates that exist in Tenerife allows us to see different landscapes throughout the island. From volcanic landscapes in the area of the Teide, wooded areas places of medium height and drier in southern beaches National Park areas.

A curious detail is that when you plan a trip to the island the agency recommends to you to bring in your suitcase summer clothes and winter. It is not uncommon to spend a day sunbathing on the beach or doing water sports and on the background you can see a stunning stamp of “El Teide” snowed.

At Kn hotels in Tenerife, we take advantage of this contrasts and goodness of Tenerife climate, suggesting different activities for our guests to have a complete view of all that the island offers and make the most of its beauty and rich biodiversity of this wonderful island.


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