Attractions of Tenerife as a tourist destination

Attractions of Tenerife

Tenerife is a tourist destination is well known. Many associate it as a place of sun and sand, but it is much more. The tourist offer is so wide that we understand why so many people around the world come to spend a few days of vacation.

Great contrasts of Tenerife

It is more than an island in the Atlantic Ocean. Surprised by the contrasts that exist in an area that is not very extensive. It is crowned by the imposing Teide volcano, has very picturesque villages, incredible landscapes full of diversity and of course beaches.

Beaches of Tenerife

Beach tourism is perhaps the most common. Visitors come mainly Tenerife island to escape the cold of their hometowns and live as eternal spring known. The climate is warm all year round, with an average temperature of about 22 ° C. But many who come just for the beach are surprised to find most attractive.

 National Parks in Tenerife

Teide National Park is a must. The volcanic scenery is stunning, so that looks like you’re walking on the moon. Few places in the world have the opportunity to walk through a volcano during your holidays when a few hours ago you were sunbathing on the beach. And around the volcano the landscape changes. From north to south the landscape contrasts are striking. The flora and fauna is varied and rich. You can discover different ecosystems, banana plantations, vineyards and life in rural areas.

Sports and other activities in Tenerife

Tenerife is also a top destination for water sports. Mainly winsdurf, surfing and kite surfing. In its beaches world championships given the great condition for these sports are held throughout the year. Many others come to practice other sports such as golf, cycling, paragliding or climbing.
And of course, the life of the island is one of its main attractions. At parties you enjoy as if you were a more Tenerife. We note, of course, Carnival. The streets are filled with joy, colors, music and the best atmosphere and tourists are welcome and included in all events. Another massive party is the night of San Juan, with parties on the beach with bonfires, live music and various entertainment.

Gastronomy and Tourism in Tenerife

The cuisine also deserves special mention: the mojo, the Canary Banana, goat meat, cherries, local wines and more. Try the local recipes, surely they will surprise.

Tourists take advantage of their stay to go shopping in the shops of the island and acquire unique and original products at a great price. It is rare for a walk around the shopping area and not buy something.

And for those who want to party, Tenerife nightlife is full and varied. Beach clubs, bars, pubs, karaokes, bars and nightclubs for all tastes and ages.
In short, Tenerife is a tourist destination that has everything and more to travel in pairs, with friends or family. There is entertainment for all ages and interests. And what better to stay in one of our sister hotels Kn Hotels Tenerife, where we will guide you so you will not miss anything of this comprehensive island.


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